1. Research your Course

Before applying you should thoroughly research your prospective course, including its requirements, deadlines and course costs. Information on all our postgraduate courses are in the Course Directory. Check that you meet the entry requirements of the course you want to study.

We usually update the Course Directory on 1 September with information for admission in the following academic year.

2. Know your Deadlines

There are two deadlines that you need to consider: the application deadline and the funding deadline. Find out more >

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3. Use the Applicant Portal

You submit your application through the Applicant Portal. Once you have selected your course in the Course Directory, click the Apply Online button to be directed to the Applicant Portal.

4. Contact your Referees

You will need two academic references to support your application, and you will need to submit your referees details via the Applicant Portal. Your referees will then receive an automated reference request. You should ensure you already have their consent before you apply.

5. Research the Colleges

All postgraduate students are a member of a College. In your application to study, you will be asked to indicate your College preferences or you can choose to make an open application and have a College allocated for you.

6. Apply for Funding

A number of the University’s major sources of funding can be applied for through the Applicant Portal. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to complete these sections.

7. Application Fee

Once you have finished writing your application, uploaded all required supporting documents and received references, your application is ready to be submitted. If you are applying for a masters level course you will be asked to pay the application fee before you can submit your application. Check the application fee page for more information.

8. Interview

Most departments/faculties will want to interview you if your application is accepted to the next stage in the admissions process. Some scholarships and studentships will also invite shortlisted candidates for interviews. Most interviews will be conducted via video conferencing or telephone.

See What happens next after this process


Please note

All deadlines for the submission of the application are 23:59 pm (midnight) UK time on the date stated. We encourage you to submit your application well in advance so that if you experience any issues, we are able to help.

Apply using the Applicant Portal

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of using the University of Cambridge Applicant Portal before proceeding with our application.

  1. Go to the Course Directory and find the course you wish to apply for, then click the Apply Now button in the How to Apply tab.
  2. All applications must be completed in English.
  3. You can request your references in the Applicant Portal, and see when these have been received.
  4. You must submit all required supporting documentation at the same time as the rest of your application.
  5. You can also apply for funding via the Applicant Portal.
  6. There is an application fee charge for some applications, further information on which courses require an application fee, and any fee waiver schemes can be found here. Payment must be made before you can submit your application. You can make the payment by providing your card details to our secure server when you submit your online application.
  7. You will need to submit a separate application, with separate supporting documents, for each course you wish to apply for.
  8. Your application will not be considered until all the supporting documentation, including references, has been provided.

Upload Supporting Documentation

Your application is not complete without the required supporting documentation which must be submitted through the Applicant Portal as part of your application. If the supporting documents, including references, are not provided your application will not be considered and your application will be withdrawn when the course deadline has passed.

Please check your course’s entry to see what supporting documents you will be required to submit. For more information on what the specific requirements of each document are, and how to submit them, please see the section on Supporting Documentation.

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How to Stop Missing Deadlines? Follow our Facebook Page and Twitter !-Jobs, internships, scholarships, Conferences, Trainings are published every day!