If the Russian opposition had been supported by the West, would there still be a war in Ukraine today?!
yes, it would have been a war because the Americans collaborate with idiots from Moldova (pimps, pedophiles, waiters and all the messes from Moldova with a Communist KGB-ist past) and in Romania it’s the same, only they are a little more sophisticated there! and how is the situation in Moldova, it’s like that everywhere with whom the Americans collaborate in the former Soviet and Warsaw Pact countries!
The Americans had no chance to overthrow Putin’s regime! because they are too corrupt and too stupid!

Those who have read my master’s thesis think they have realized my intention!
I use Telegram and as you know Telegram is founded by a Durov brothers who created another social network Vkontakte and it was taken over as well as other businesses like Evgeny Aleksandrovich Chichvarkin  born on the 10th of September 1974 in LeningradRSFSRSoviet Union) is a Russian entrepreneur who founded the largest Russian mobile phone retailer, Euroset. This made him the richest man under the age of 35 in his country, with an approximate worth of $1.6 billion. (Those who do not know the history of this character recommend reading or watching the documentary/interviews with him)!

The intelligence services will always use the opportunity to suspect especially those in the east on a person who uses a social network created by a Russian! if you bother them to do contraband (cigarettes, metals, alcohol, drugs, etc.) usually they are the ones who protect these businesses together with the police and when they don’t have evidence/compromise to arrest or blackmail you, it’s enough to have a social network that belongs to a Russian like Telegram!
Ok, it is created by a Russian and the problem for them is solved! They can also get permission from the judge to tab the person of interest!

But what do we do with those who use Google or Gmail, one of the two founders of which is also Russian! It is known that the founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin! Sergey Brin is of Russian origin! What are we doing? Do we suspect all Americans of espionage? Sounds ridiculous and I agree!

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there are many Russian programmers working for Microsoft! I’m sure Facebook has Russian programmers too!
But the Russians who use Facebook according to the logic of some FSB should arrest all Russians for being American spies!

also, before the start of the war, there were many Russians who received money from google adsense and from the youtube platform! all Russians have smartphones on Android or iPhone which also have operating systems that are totally under the control of the Americans and according to the logic of the Russians from the FSB they had to arrest all the Russians who received money from the Americans or use American operating systems!

I wrote about Telegram because I saw from several people on Facebook that it was a creature of the Russian services, and that’s why I also gave examples with other online platforms!

Unlike some, I don’t consider all Russians to be f**k**g *******! If all Russians are f**k**g ******* then who is Alexei Navalny? Garry Kasparov? Khodorkovsky? What about Sergey Brin?

By the way! Garry Kasparov was opposed to the idea of Russia returning to the Council of Europe after it was withdrawn with the Russian takeover of Crimea in 2014 but several European states voted for the Russians to return and the Russians again attacked the Ukrainians in 2022 and again took over territories from the Ukrainians! Why did they vote for the Russians to return to the Council of Europe? German corruption for example! Yes, when Navalny was poisoned, was there any reaction against the Putin regime?

Any penalty or anything? Nothing! But when Navalny was arrested, was there any reaction? Any sanctions against the Putin regime? Nothing! What do we do with the Russians who are against the Putin regime and with those from the West who do/used to do business with the Putin regime!?

If those in the West had sanctioned every time people like Navalny are persecuted, we would have another democratic leadership in Russia today, but the corruption of the Germans is the basis of the Putin regime!

If those in the West had sanctioned every time people like Navalny are persecuted, we would have another democratic leadership in Russia today, but the corruption of the Germans is the basis of the Putin regime!
So that we don’t forget!
Putin speaks German and also worked the German Democratic Republic as a KGB-IST!!!

I want to add more! I was/I am registered on Russian platforms like VK and I am not interested in the position/opinion of the services like SRI, SIE, FBI or CIA who worked with the pimp Plahotniuc and who also took bribes from him and those from SRI including the former director George Maior, Plahotniuc also provided girls in Moldovan hotels with whom he filmed and everyone in Moldova knows what Plahotniuc was doing with compromising material!

My question to Americans: When are you going to give me back my Facebook page with 95,000 likes? You have done the pimp and his activists a favor, but if he is still in the Global Magnitsky Act, maybe you will also return my page and you will also do me a favor if you will write me a letter with a strong apology and also the people who they asked to block it!! The page still exists but I was deleted as admin and all attempts to recover have failed!!!

I wrote about the Russian mentality in my master’s thesis! Obviously it’s not everything, but it’s still a scientific work and you have to be as concise as possible!

It is obvious that the Romanian/Moldovan security (undercover activists) tried to insert their individuals everywhere and some even brag about my analyzes that they are theirs even if they have educations as waiters/cooks/millers etc…! And they are illiterate!

in Moldova he was from Plahotniuc who controlled the SIS (FSB branch in Moldova) and in Romania he ( George Maior was the director of the Romanian Intelligence Service!

if George Maior, the former director of the Romanian Information Services, is/was controlled by Plahotniuc with compromising materials (the girls that Plahotniuc made available to George Maior in hotels in Moldova), it means that he was/is also controlled by the Russians!
The Romanians did not control Plahotniuc and Plahotniuc controlled and blackmailed them and most often paid them to perform his services!

and since 2014 the Germans are also active with the GAZPROM branch, the Russians were also active through the Indians and I was between the hammer and the anvil!

why ? because I am one of the few who made the analysis that the Russians will take Crimea in 2014 and my master’s thesis is about how to make a revolution in Russia!

The work is written by me and is completely original and all ideas are my own! The credit is entirely mine alone!
And by the way, if George Maior was/is controlled by Plahotniuc, it means that he is also controlled by the Russians!

Plop Andrei/ Master’s thesis/ – The role of mass media in reflecting geopolitical conflicts. Case study: Mass media in the Russian Federation/

as you can see in the master’s thesis in literature, one of the authors of the books is actually George Maior, but he is not the one who wrote the book, he rather supervised the content of the work, because the coordinator of the scientific work at the university told me to use authors and professors of at SNSPA and I looked for books with authors in the library and I couldn’t find anything interesting to publish in my paper! I found this work and I barely took out a phrase from this book to include in my master’s thesis!
they have no ideas about the ex-Soviet space!

I repeat again: all Poles who collaborated with Romanians/Moldovans (all without exception, – activists, politicians, intelligence services, etc.) in 2017 during the period when I was an asylum seeker must be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia (and the Poles , Romanians and Moldovans).

update January 8, 2022
Also I was / or am registered on social networks / Russian platforms and those who have not read my master’s thesis please do not even comment!
The master’s thesis is written by me and only by me, the master’s thesis was completed in 2015 but I only defended it in 2016 because of some idiots!!
Plop Andrei / Master’s thesis / – The role of the media in reflecting geopolitical conflicts. Case Study: Media in the Russian Federation /
And for those who work in the intelligence services: If you did not understand the meaning of the master’s thesis, please print it in 100 copies and ask a friend to hit you in the head, especially for the intelligence services in Romania and Poland but I understand that the idiots who took bribes from the Russians will never want to understand it!!

update December 31, 2021

After the arrest of Alexei Navalny I created the site oppositionfree.com/, after the arrest of Roman Protasevich I created the site freeprota.com/, I also bought two telegram groups with most of them being from the Russian Federation, and I also bought a group on a Russian social network with over 240,000 Russians, and I have 2 more groups on the same Russian social network, one of 24,000 Russians and the other only over 3,000 Russians! Mikheil Saakashvili was also arrested in 2021!
2021 was a miserable year for democracy! In the EU and the US, the national interest takes precedence over fundamental human rights, because if EU and US officials wanted these democracy fighters, they would be free! With my limited resources, I did something, but what did the officials who have the power?
With best regards Plop Andrei!!!

Americans, when will you return my page!?
here are two pages and they were the messages I received weekly with statistics! – here in the statistics it says that there are 85,000 likes
Jobs/ Internships/ Trainings still exist and I was deleted as admin, but the second page was completely deleted!
change the world through education had only 15000 likes
update December 1, 2022
if you eat the same food every day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and even if you like this food, you will get full very quickly and want something else! and if you continue to eat the same food, you will get to the point where you stop eating or feel nauseous!
the people who follow my page noticed that I shared several times a day the same articles every day, every week and for more than half a year! and some articles are shared weekly from 2019!
the people who wanted to know the truth found out!
justice has not yet been done and I will publish on all the sites when justice is done!
the articles will remain on the site and on my telegram channel, but I will not share every day!
because you will end up feeling nauseous!
not to me but to those who follow me!
now I have legally obtained some facebook pages and groups and my main goal now is to help students find a scholarship at prestigious universities and opportunities to volunteer or participate in conferences, trainings or internships!
to make new friends, to have new experiences and to have the opportunity to participate in as many activities as possible!
for some to find a job after finishing university or for some who want another change and want something different!
that’s why I won’t continue for a while to share the same articles every day, but they will remain on my sites permanently!
and for the end!
The most successful professionals never stop learning!
Get started on the right career path through a number of youth employment opportunities and internships.
Opportunities around the world!
This way, you can explore the world while earning money and building your career.
all the 5 posts / articles that I used to share on social networks every day, the content of the text, the posts are current and nothing has changed!
I will continue to share those posts only on my Facebook profile and LinkedIn after I get 2 more Facebook pages!
Facebook pages are only for what they were created for: to help students, teachers and people with higher education exchange experience!
my enemies must go to jail!
I will continue to inform members of the national parliaments of Europe about the Nazi crimes in the refugee camps in Poland
update December 3, 2022
the decision to no longer publish on Facebook the articles about corruption, Nazi experiments and espionage in favor of Russia – it was the right one!
But these articles will remain on the site!
I’m blocked again on linkedin!
the same message for Americans: when you return my Facebook page that had 95,000 likes and now only has 78,000!
you are afraid that the world will find out about the corruption!
update December 4, 2022
The more popular I will become, the Poles, the Romanians and the Moldovans who have taken bribes from the Russians will try to close me in prison!
I am a danger to their freedom, their career because they have taken bribes from the Russians and because they are waiting for their life prison!
The same situation was in 2017 when they blocked my Facebook page which had 95,000 likes and for the same reason I now block my social networks! Even though the page still exists and has only 78,000 likes at the moment and was created on March 4, 2015 and I worked on it a lot to reach 95000! Americans know that the page is mine but they don’t want to give it to me!
I blame the people who have blocked my page and those who do not want to return to me that they are spying in favor of Russia!
I also blame the people who now block my social networks for spying in favor of Russia!
Because they are afraid! Here in the answer I received they write and the reason why the LinkedIn account blocked me!
update November 8, 2022
Yes, it could! because in February 2014 I made the analysis that the Russians will take Crimea!
It could have been prevented that the Russians will attack Ukraine in a total war in 2022 and that thousands of Ukrainian murders and millions of Ukrainian refugees in Europe could have been avoided!
Yes, the war could have been avoided if the necessary steps were taken, because I wrote in my master’s thesis about the independence of the separatist republics in Ukraine and about a Russian war on a large scale in Ukraine!
from today I will have a tiktok account that will have over 200,000 followers!
from my point of view, there are few followers, but if the Americans had not blocked my social networks like in 2017 the facebook page with 95,000 followers, I would probably have been heard later also today!
but considering that tiktok is followed by a lot of people: I will use every opportunity to make my message heard!
Update December 9, 2022
my offer from when i was in canada is still valid! I am ready to pass any polygraph that you have in front of all NATO ambassadors and military attachés in Moldova in which to prove that I have never once worked for any security/intelligence service! You will choose the embassy where I will be questioned! my condition is the following: to publish the list of all Poles (politicians, activists, from the intelligence services – all without exception) and the list of Romanians/Moldavians (all without exception – politicians, relatives, former friends recruited by the FSB branch, activists, from the intelligence services)when I was an asylum seeker in Poland and I interrogate them!
also those involved in Nazi experiments also be arrested!
after I interrogate them: they will end up in prison for espionage and corruption in favor of Russia: Poles, Americans, Romanians, Moldovans, Germans, and dozens of undercover activists!
among those arrested will be directors of intelligence services from Moldova, Romania and Poland!
December 12, 2022
I recommend that the US counterintelligence service immediately begin investigating the Americans in Romania and Moldova!
because those involved in corruption and espionage schemes in favor of Russia will never investigate themselves!
they will only look for scapegoats!
or to look for all kinds of reasons that we have a plan to fight with terrorists, the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians and all kinds of individuals just to escape from prison!
they took bribes from the Russians and the rest are just plans to get out of prison!
I still insist on passing the polygraph test in front of all the embassies and military attachés who are members of NATO!
over 600 ambassadors also received original documents from me!
Americans, Poles, Romanians and Moldovans will look for all kinds of pretexts for me not to pass the polygraph test because they know that what I say is true and they are afraid of prison because they took bribes from the Russians!
I’m not afraid to pass the polygraph test, but those who took bribes and did Nazi experiments are afraid of prison!
December 11, 2022
if the US embassy in Moldova will not come up with the initiative : to pass the polygraph test in front of all ambassadors and military attachés who are members of NATO (why in front of everyone: because Americans will also have to be arrested for espionage in favor of Russia )
and they Americans will continue to collaborate with the Moldovans and Romanians whom I blame for espionage in favor of Russia! I ask that the counterintelligence institutions in the USA begin investigating for espionage and corruption the Poles, Romanians, Moldovans and Americans who will continue to collaborate with these individuals!
please create a US group that has nothing in common with these individuals to be equidistant and independent!
I am ready to answer the polygraph test that I have never worked and I do not work for any security/intelligence service! I am not a member of any organization (in any form of existence) and no one had the right and does not have the right to film me, to record me!
conditions are the same as in the previous post!
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